Endometriosis & learning your levels of pain

The subjectiveness of pain is something that I find very interesting, and explaining the fact that pain is a normality in my life is one of the hardest things I have to describe to others who don’t know what endometriosis feels like.

I’m beginning to think that I have a high pain threshold. My “extremely bad pain” isn’t someone else’s. So learning what sort of pain you can manage relatively comfortably is a big part of pain management.

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Endometriosis: what does the pain feel like?

Chronic pain is the largest aspect of living with endometriosis. Someone might know what endometriosis is, but factual discussion about endometriosis tends to leave out the very personal story about how it feels.

Endometriosis pain is so subjective. It feels different for every woman, but we shouldn’t step away from trying to describe the experience of it in our own words.

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My name is Michelle and I've been living and working with endometriosis since diagnosis in 2010.

I hope to provide some hope for this illness through practical advice and discussion of this awful disease.

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