Help with endometriosis

Here’s a full list of all the updates I have written. I hope they are some small help to you.

Chronic fatigue

Chronic pain

Coping mechanisms

Productivity & exercise

Endometriosis symptoms

Endometriosis treatments

Working with endometriosis

Explaining to others

Invisible illness

Endometriosis news and information

About endohope

My name is Michelle B. I've lived with endometriosis for eight years and Joint Hypermobility Syndrome for four. Trying to live and work with both illnesses as best I can.

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My name is Michelle and I've been living and working with endometriosis for seven years. I hope to provide some hope for this illness through practical advice and discussion of this awful disease. You can read more about my story on my about me page.


  • Someone gave me one of these today to help with pain. It's really helpful. 7 hours ago
  • Unfortunately it looks as though the TFL "please offer me a seat" badge can only be applied for if you live in London. I'm applying anyway. 22 hours ago
  • RT @BBCWomansHour: 📻Now: Do you look healthy but have pain from a 'hidden' illness? A new badge to wear on public transport may help https:… 1 day ago
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